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Students Drive Robust Middle School Clubs Program

The Germantown Academy Middle School is home to a dynamic club program. Most clubs meet at lunch and are open to any student who wishes to attend. Clubs provide opportunities for students to pursue a wide variety of interests.

Some clubs have goals of impacting middle school culture while others aim to provide light-hearted entertainment during the day.  For example, the Community Service Organization (CSO), Students Taking Action for Respect club (STAR), and the Green Ambassadors, a club aimed at minimizing our environmental impact, all tackle important issues affecting the Germantown Academy community and beyond. Clubs such as Art for Community and the Media Club appeal to students’ creative sides, while others appeal to the more analytically-minded, such as the Robotics club and Math Counts, a group of students who practice challenging math problems in preparation for competition. And, finally, clubs such as Reading Olympics, Chess Club, and Fandom, which provides a chance for students to discuss all that they are fans of, are based on shared hobbies

Clubs provide students with an opportunity to shape their MS experience by affording time in the school day to pursue their interests and hopefully the chance to develop new ones.  Students enjoy clubs because it connects them with other students they have things in common with and allows for the formation of stronger relationships with both peers and teachers.

Clubs also provide meaningful leadership opportunities for Middle School students.  They are run with significant student input and, in many cases, are used as a forum to develop initiatives that are brought to the whole middle school. For example, the Student Government Association regularly develops and executes new experiences for students. Recent student government charges have included a middle school laser tag afternoon, music in the cafeteria on special occasions, and afterschool activity sessions run with the help of the US CSO. Finally, clubs are often even initiated and formed by students who want to create space to engage in a topic that is not offered; such was true of the Debate Club and the popular 6th grade Life Club, where students simply share stories about their lives with each other.

Written by Kate Cassidy, Middle School Dean of Students