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My GA Journey - Scott Cho '19

I am currently a senior and have attended GA since Pre-K. Throughout my Germantown Academy journey, I have met both successes and challenges.

My Lower School experience truly prepared me for the Middle School. From learning how to format a proper heading on your notes, to utilizing basic public speaking skills, I obtained useful skill sets that I would use in my near future. Aside from the more academic aspect, Lower School encouraged me to learn a new instrument and also gave me the opportunity to make lifelong friends (whom with I am still in the same classes today).

For me, Middle School was the perfect place for me to prepare for Upper School. One of the major things that became a challenge for me as I entered Middle School was time management- and yes, procrastination. The Middle School, probably knowing that this behavior is common, utilizes the study hall system where Middle School students sit in the Honickman Auditorium and finish as much work as possible. This system was beneficial in that it taught me the importance of time and how to utilize it wisely. Little did I know then that this skill was going to be the most helpful in Upper School.

Upper School was the ultimate test for me for time management. Free periods were exciting considering you had the choice to do work or hang out with friends. This freedom proved to be very tempting at times: even though I had a paper due and a math test the next day, I found myself walking to Rich’s Deli for a bite with some friends. I had to learn the hard way. When I saw that my grades were being negatively affected by procrastination, I realized that free periods should have been used for school work. Other than using free periods wisely, I also found myself meeting with teachers whenever I did not understand a concept we covered in class that day. The many hours I spent in the library, the flexibility of the teachers’ time, and not to mention helpful student tutors, eventually guided me to academic success. Further pushing me to manage my time, the ice hockey season taught me to finish work in advance for a good night’s rest.