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8 GreAt Questions

Senior Jerry Griffen-Batchler '21 is our next spotlight on 8 GreAt Questions - focused on finding out what is going on at GA from the people behind the masks.


What has been the hardest part of the school year so far?

The mask wearing and the online schooling with Zoom. I am a social kid and love GA. I want to be there everyday but I can’t because of COVID.

What was the biggest change on campus this year?

The mask wearing. And social distancing.

What is your favorite snack in the School Store?

Salt and vinegar chips and a Gatorade or orange juice.

What will you miss most when you graduate from GA in June?

The people I have known for a good chunk of my life thus far.

What pro team would you NEVER cheer for?


While the outcome was not favorable for GA, what was it like being a part of the 134th annual GA vs PC football game?

It was amazing even though we took a hard loss. I was just thankful I could play some more football one last time with the team and family I have built for myself here at GA.

The subject/teacher you enjoyed the most?

Study Group Ms. McVeigh

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