GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Every Day at GA

Visitors can learn a great deal about GA during tours and speaking with friends or family. But what is it really like to be a student here? Meet Ken, a student in the Upper School. Ken is involved in crew, student government, and enjoys drawing cartoons for The Edition, GA's student-run school newspaper. Ken became a Germantown Academy student in 6th grade. When he graduates, Ken would like to go to Law School and then get involved in politics. What follows is a GA day like any other, written by Ken.

7:45am Arrive at School
8:25-9:10am Darkroom
10:20-11:05am History in the Making
11:10am-11:55am Parlez-Vous Francais?
12:00-12:45pm What Goes Up Must Come Down
2:50 School's Out!

7:45am Arrive at School
I get to school and arrive at my locker where I prepare for the upcoming day. After my locker is in order and everything is ready for today, I go and talk to other friends who have already arrived at school. Looks like it's going to be a fun day!

8:05-8:20am Class Meeting
In class meeting, our grade discusses issues and talks about upcoming events like the Haunted House and other student government announcements. As one of our class' senators, I also give announcements - today's is about an extension of our off-campus privileges.

8:25-9:10am Say Cheese!
I start the day with Photography Class. After a quick chat with our teacher, Mrs. Russomagno, and a reading from our Intellectual Devotional (to spur on creativity), we get right to work developing our film. What a cool process!

9:15-10:00am Freshman Seminar
Next comes freshman seminar; simply a time for freshman to get together and talk about any questions or problems we are having. The discussion is always different and it really relieves any stress and answers all your questions.

10:00-10:15am Gimme a Break
It's break time! I rush to the cafeteria to avoid the lines and get a delicious breakfast sandwich and hot chocolate. Conversation with friends follows. I was starving! Break really helps the day go more smoothly.

10:20-11:05am History in the Making
Finally history comes. My favorite subject. The French Revolution is so interesting. Today our class reenacts history with a fun simulation. Whether discussion, simulation or a movie, I always learn something new in history.

11:10-11:55am Parlez-Vous Français?
Next is French class. We start class discussing our book, Histoire d'une Revanche. Students take turns "teaching" our class and we only speak French for the whole period. Madame Test becomes a student as well! We watch a clip of a movie that goes along with our text book, followed by a game of french vocab pictionary. C’est un cours amusant!

12:00-12:45pm What Goes Up Must Come Down
Time for Physics. We learn everything from free fall to how gravity works. It’s a class that really explains the simple actions that happen in life. Plus, Ms. Goldstein’s humor makes it fun at the same time.

12:50-1:30pm English
Now it’s time for another one of my favorite subjects - English. In English we review vocabulary, read great books like “The Kite Runner”, mythology, and have many great discussions. Today, we went over one of the many mythology stories then had a great discussion about Greek vs. Nordic myths.

1:30- 2:05pm Lunch
Wow! It’s lunch already. Though I’m involved in tons of clubs that meet at lunch, today, I can just go sit down with friends and enjoy a good laid back rest time. There’s so much food to choose from, the special of the day, wings, pizza, quesadillas. What should I choose?

2:10-2:50pm Study Hall
I end the day with a study hall. What a great end to a fun and interesting day! A chance to lessen your homework load or a time to catch up on your favorite novel or just relax. I choose to do a little homework then go to the library to check out a few good reads.

2:50pm School’s Out!
What a great day - it went so fast! I prepare to go to my practice as I hear about friends going to football, soccer, field hockey and tennis, or to practice lines for the upcoming play, to name a few. As for me, I’m heading for the Schuylkill River to scull with a few of my classmates.