GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Around the Quad


Germantown Academy prides itself in 260 years of educational leadership sustained by thoughtful and intentional efforts that achieve balance between our remarkable history and the necessity for advancement.  A study of our storied past reveals times of imbalance, and in each instance, restored equilibrium has resulted in the opportunity for innovative growth.  At GA, we know that new situations and unique circumstances require us to reconsider what we know to be true.  A progressive approach towards new ideas results in the ideals that have become GA tradition.  

With the arrival of the 2020-21 school year, GA finds itself yet again, in a new chapter.  We have opened our beloved campus to our students and while our classrooms appear different, our community is together again.  Connor Quad is the heart of our campus.  This beautiful and expansive space allows us to gather, reflect, engage and celebrate all year long.  This year more than ever, as we seek the safety and solace of the outdoors, "the quad" will support the the spirits of our students and the soul of our school.  Please enjoy some of the happenings "Around the Quad." 



The ABC’s of Admission – Admission Builds Community!

The Germantown Academy community is comprised of engaged students who are best described as inquisitive, involved and passionate creators.  They eagerly blaze their own personal trail in our classrooms, labs and studios, and on our playgrounds, stages and fields.  They are intrinsically motivated to learn as much as they can and independently driven to seize the ample opportunities that come from strong connections, amazing facilities and diverse experiences.   Our community also includes parents, faculty, alumni, administration, staff and friends of our school who are wholly committed to the values imbued in our philosophy, purpose and mission.  

As we live through the challenging times of 2020, we at GA have spent considerable time thinking about community, mission, civility and what it means to be a valued individual within a larger group.  Civics lessons about elections, a day with guest speaker Rosetta Lee, how to engage in civil discourse, and how to best use your voice as a form of influence rather than insult have filled our days.

GA’s Mission Statement is 21 simple yet profound words that provide the framework of our complete educational program, curricular and programmatic ideas alike.  As our curriculum evolves with the 21st century, GA’s mission will connect the past with our future.  Our community will ever be grounded in and guided by the steadfast principles of our Mission Statement which promises that:

Lower School Civics and Civility

Head of Lower School, Sue Szczepkowski shares the Lower School's preparation for Election Day.
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Middle School Community Agreements

Germantown Academy Civility Pledge

The purpose of the Civility Pledge is to complement and extend the GA Mission.  It serves as a reminder of the importance of community courtesy as students learn best in an environment where they feel fully respected and wholly supported.  It is our commitment to providing social-emotional security for all community members, and especially our students.  Every year, each member of the GA community commits to upholding the Civility Pledge which, in it’s simplest form, states:


Upper School Voices

Robert’s Family Library Election Day Open Mic Event:

Share Your Voice & Celebrate Democracy!

Election day is the day millions of Americans share their voices by voting to determine the political direction of our country.  In support of our work on civil discourse in the Upper School, our event was not about individual candidates but political ideals.  

Participants were asked: What concerns and questions do you have about our democracy? What matters to you in upholding this system? The economy? Free and fair elections? Equality and human rights? Upholding the rule of law? The Bill of Rights – including the right to bear arms or freedom of speech?

Faculty and students responded by thoughtfully performing and recommending poems, speeches, and personal reflections in the Roberts Family Library throughout the day during this event. 

GA Traditions


GA-PC Day - the oldest continuous high school football rivalry in the country!  The rivalry has grown over the years.  Fall teams from both schools compete on this very special day.  A special Competition Cup, established in 1996, is awarded to the school which wins the most events.  Spirit Week is an all school tradition and much awaited fall celebration!


With the resumption of a modified fall athletic season, we are happy to share that our traditional GA-PC excitement will continue in a reimagined way.  With some adaptations to spirit week, and fall athletic contests occurring from November 10 – 14, we will continue to celebrate our Patriot Pride.