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Additional Resources for Admission Testing

GA Assessment - PreK through 1st Grade Applicants:

Our GA assessments are aimed at determining school readiness in the following areas: social and emotional development, fine motor and motor planning, and receptive and expressive language. These tools help to provide one perspective on a child’s preparedness in relation to our program.

Applicants to PreK and Kindergarten:

Each applicant will meet for a 1:1 assessment with one of our classroom teachers. The purpose of this assessment is to determine an applicant’s ability to positively function within our academic and social environment. This assessment is in addition to the Saturday Classroom Visit and will be arranged on a separate day when we schedule your admission appointments.

Applicants to 1st Grade:

Applicants to 1st Grade will spend a day within our Kindergarten classrooms, and will complete evaluations during their official visit day. These assessments will be conducted in a 1:1 setting as well as group format to help us determine a student’s ability to positively function within our academic and social environment.

WISC-V - 2nd – 4th Grade Applicants:

Your child will be asked to complete psycho-educational testing as part of the admission process. This testing is based on age and scored accordingly. I.Q. scores are only a small piece of the information gleaned from this test. A narrative report describing your child’s focus, attention, problem solving skills, and general approach to learning is the most valuable piece for our Admission Committee. We look at the ranges of the scores for each child with the understanding that, 1) the younger the child, the more variable their development and that, 2) all children have gifts and talents and all children have areas where they need to grow. This testing will only measure the skills necessary for the academic component of education. Please remember that it doesn’t take into account the many and varied intelligences all children have.

Please select an evaluator from the list of Suggested Evaluators and then call them in the fall to schedule a test date. This is also the time to discuss any specific questions you may have regarding the testing. There is no way to practice or study for I.Q. testing and children usually find the tasks interesting and enjoyable when rested and relaxed. Please remember to forward the testing results to the Admission Office.

Suggested Evaluators

Erin von Zuben, PhD. - Chalfont (215) 225-8891
Suzanne B. Perot, Ph.D. - Ft. Washington (215) 641-9499 or (267) 893-9093
Susan M. Gilbert, M.Ed., CSP - Philadelphia (215) 429-7528
Paul E. Meschter, M.S., NCSP Worcester - Collegeville (610) 489-2177
Davida Harlem, Ph.D. - Huntingdon Valley (215) 947-1236
Maxine Field, Ph.D. - Chestnut Hill (215) 248-9119
Center for Psychological Services - Paoli (610) 647-6406 ext. 3 - Ardmore (610) 642-4873 ext. 46
Jennifer Jackson Holden
Center for Child Assessment & Therapy - Chestnut Hill and Media (215) 920-6435
Staci Heindel, Ph.D.

WISC-V or ISEE - 5th Grade Applicants:

Your child may complete the WISC-V as noted above or the ISEE as noted below.

SSAT or ISEE – Middle and Upper School Applicants

You may choose to register your child for either the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) or the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). These tests are scheduled throughout the year and held at various independent schools in the area, beginning in October. We recommend scheduling the testing in October or November since our Admission Committees begin to review completed files in December. Germantown Academy will host the ISEE in October, November, and February. Please see the ISEE website for the registration deadlines and the test dates. It is not necessary to schedule your child’s test at GA. You may choose any convenient location listed on the SSAT or ISEE schedules and request that your child’s score be reported to Germantown Academy. The SSAT and ISEE include questions in math, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and a writing sample. For further information and to schedule your child’ testing date, please refer to the testing bureau websites at or