GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Germantown Academy offers a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum that allows each student to pursue their own path to individual excellence.

Our Upper School curriculum consists of a wide array of challenging liberal arts classes that engage students while also affording them opportunities to pursue their strengths and interests intensively. All of our sequential academic programs include both regular college preparatory and honors or Advanced Placement preparation classes. In our math and science courses, we offer three levels of study for each core course, allowing students to progress at their own pace.

Upper School Course Selection Booklet


Classics at GA combines the study of language, history, art, culture, and literature into a uniquely powerful force that illuminates the integral role that ancient Roman and Greek cultures have played in shaping the heritage of Western civilization.

Central features of the curriculum include:

  • The History of Rome from its origins
  • Roman Italy, Egypt, and Britain of the 1st Century CD
  • The prose of Caesar, Pliny, Suetonius, and Tacitus
  • The poetry of Virgil, Horace, Catullus, and Ovid


The Upper School English Department uses the critical examination of literary texts as a way to help students learn to read the world around them. We cultivate critical and creative thought and confidence and clarity in written and verbal expression, preparing students with skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Central features of the program include:

  • Harkness-based, student-centered classrooms
  • College-style seminars for juniors and seniors with a wide range of topics to choose from
  • A curriculum of literary texts that span a wide range of cultures, genres, and time periods
  • Personal Essay Writing for juniors in the spring, helping students cultivate their voice for college essay writing
  • AP-level instruction for juniors and seniors who qualify


The study of the human story helps students develop the academic skills necessary for advanced intellectual inquiry in the classroom, and it helps students develop the confidence and the curiosity to engage the world outside of that classroom. Studying the past can help students better understand the present, and studying cultures from other times and places can help students better understand themselves. Ultimately, we seek to teach students to use knowledge and understanding of the past to effect positive change in the present.

Coursework in History includes:

  • Two years of modern world history
  • One year of American history
  • Senior electives covering a wide range of topics, from economics to art history, from military history to women’s history
  • AP and honors level instruction for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who qualify


The Mathematics Department emphasizes process, critical thinking, and the employment of mathematical modeling as a way of making sense of the world around us. The department believes in presenting each student with a program that balances challenge and thought-provoking work with appropriate support.

Coursework in Mathematics includes:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics

Modern Language

Through the study of a modern language, students not only enjoy the experience of being able to communicate with others, but also gain insights into cultural similarities and differences. Our program encourages the use of contemporary, authentic multimedia sources for instruction and real-life interaction with speakers of the target language.

Coursework in the Modern Languages includes:

  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Performing Arts

GA’s Upper School Performing Arts provide a vibrant experience that fosters self-expression, aesthetic depth, and artistic distinction in a collaborative environment. Students cultivate their passions through classes in music, theatre, and technical theatre. Additionally, there are over a dozen private lesson specialists on campus, offering one-on-one weekly lessons in voice and instrumental study. GA Performing Arts events are held on an ongoing basis, highlighted by capstone performances, including divisional concerts, themed assemblies, and Belfry Theatre Productions.

Coursework in the Performing Arts includes:

  • Performing Music Ensembles: Singing Patriots, Symphonic Band, and String Orchestra
  • Performing Theatre Courses: Improv, Music Theatre, Advanced Acting, and Audition & Performance
  • Technical Theatre Courses: Advanced Technical Theatre, Theatrical Design
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Guitar

Physical Education & Wellness

Our Physical Education and Wellness programs are founded in a shared learning experience for all students.

Coursework in Physical Education and Wellness includes:

  • Group and Individual Sports and Activities
  • Lifetime Sports and Activities
  • Components of an Active Lifestyle
  • Conversations around Physical, Mental, and Emotional well-being


Germantown Academy’s Science Department features an engaging curriculum that exposes students to fundamental scientific principles as well as problem-solving techniques both in the classroom and experientially in our modern laboratory facilities, GA's Preserve, and other outdoor areas on our 126-acre campus. The program offers an outstanding and sequential curricular framework, which fosters our students' ability to think critically and apply scientific methods to topical challenges. Students practice advanced lab techniques and engage in both traditional lab investigations as well as inquiry-based and design-thinking projects.

Coursework in Science includes:

  • Physics (Introductory and AP)
  • Chemistry (Introductory, Organic and AP)
  • Biology (Introductory, Anatomy & Physiology, Marine and AP)
  • Environmental Science
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science (Introductory and AP)
  • Science Research

Visual Arts

The Visual Art Department provides a well-rounded and versatile approach to the study and application of art, including the development of student voices and personal aesthetics. The program is designed to provide a creatively stimulating education in an open environment of studio classes. Experimentation, innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility are themes built into the curriculum, encouraging students to solve old problems in new ways, to think progressively, and to make progress with great confidence in their ideas, their voices, and their original thoughts.

Coursework in the Visual Arts includes:

  • Digital Media
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Photography (Gelatin Silver Film and Digital)
  • Sculpture
  • Two Dimensional Design
  • Three Dimensional Design