GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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The wide variety of clubs offered in Middle School gives students the chance to pursue interests they already have and hopefully develop new ones. The club experience also allows students and teachers to engage around common enthusiasms outside of the classroom.

Clubs are a great way for students to develop their leadership skills, as student input is significant. In fact, many clubs are formed at the initiation of a student wanting to create a forum to pursue a particular interest.

Most clubs meet at lunch, and run the gamut in terms of goals and participation levels. Students are highly encouraged to get involved and find a good fit!



● CSO-- Mr. Commale, Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Dawe, Mrs. Daulerio, Mme. Meddahi Rm 101

● Media Club - Mr. Dolan (every other Monday) Room 217

● Robotics - Mrs. Saurman & Mrs. Smith Room 131


● Book Club - Ms. Blake Room 218

● Debate Club - Ms. Guenthner (every other Tuesday; 8th grade) Room 205

● In Our Own Write--Mrs. Goodwin Room 215


● Green Ambassadors - Mrs. Saurman & Mr. Eklund Room 131

● STAR - Mr. Wright & Mr. Anderson Room 211

● Fandom - Mrs. Dawe Room 201

● French Club -- Mme. Meddahi (every other Wednesday) Room 221

● Sports Psychology - Dr. Retif (every other Wednesday) Team Room (off small gym)


● SGA - Mr.Wright & Mrs. Galante Room 127

● Math Counts--Dr. Robinson Room 121

● Reading Olympics - Mrs. Daulerio Room 218


● Art for Community - Ms. Buckman Room 223

● Ethical Dilemmas - Mr. Lehman & Mr. Eichsteadt (1st semester; 8th grade) Room 206

● Middle School Memories - Mr. Templeton (2nd semester; 8th grade) Room 205

● Chess Club -- Mr. Commale Room 101

ADDITIONAL CLUBS (meeting times):

● MS Jazz Club--Mr. Horner & Mr. Correnti (Friday afternoons)

● Coding Club -- Ms. Blake & Mr. Eklund (Friday afternoons BCI)

● Knitting and Fibers -- Mrs. Buckman (Tuesdays at break Room 223)