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Craig Newberger 1760

Elementary School Science Coordinator at Germantown Academy

Elementary School Students

Science Coordinator on Athletics Field

Science Coordinator with Elementary School Students

Current position(s) at GA
Lower School Science Coordinator, Teacher of Science (Grades 2-5), Wildlife Discovery Camp Director, Advisor for LS Explorers Club

Number of years overall at GA

Why have you chosen to stay at GA?
When I accepted the job offer in 1985, I thought I would stay for a year or two. Over the years, the place has grown on me. The parents and administrators are very supportive of the faculty. I love working with the kids that go here. I've enjoyed creating my own curriculum and changing it over time. The outdoor environment is perfect for teaching about nature.

What do you most enjoy about teaching at GA?
The students are highly motivated and want to be here. I feel lucky to teach in a school where students are excited about learning.

What do you hope to provide to students in your classes and what do you hope they take away?
I want students that graduate from the Lower School to love science, feel connected to the natural world, and be prepared for Middle School science.

What do you value about the home/school partnership?
I think it is great that the parents and teachers know each other and work together for a common purpose.

What GA tradition do you enjoy most?
I enjoy many GA traditions, but I especially enjoy Field Day. I have helped run the relay races for 30 years.

What is a classroom activity unique to you?
Currently, the second grade is learning about the immensity of geologic time by creating a time line. They are learning that human history is only a tiny blip in the history of the earth.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned from your students?
I have taught thousands of students during my career at GA and they are all different. Each student has his or her own learning style, and effective teachers need to teach using a wide variety of teaching techniques. I use demonstrations, experiments, songs, stories, crafts, creative dramatics, games, movement activities, field trips, and much more to teach students about science.