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1/2 Multi-age Program

The multi-age classroom is an educational model where children within a two-year age span learn alongside one another and remain with the same teachers for a two-year period. During the early childhood years (birth through age eight), children progress through all stages of development at different rates. Multi-age classrooms utilize a continuous progress model, where teachers are able to support and challenge young learners over an extended period of time. Increased time with the same teachers over two years strengthens the parent-teacher partnership as well, broadening the scope of the relationship that will impact the child's growth and development. Our Lower School primary program includes graded 1st and 2nd grade classes alongside combined 1/2 multi-age classes. As in all of our classrooms at Germantown Academy, children in multi-age classrooms are seen as individuals and teachers are skilled at meeting students where they are.

Multi-age classrooms promote a culture where deep and meaningful relationships are cultivated between children of varying ages. Younger students benefit from the modeling and mentoring of older students and then become the leaders and mentors themselves the following year. In this structure, students gain confidence from opportunities to express their understanding about learning concepts, social values and classroom culture. While students have the unique opportunity to be a member of a diverse multi-age class, students are still considered first and second graders, and our curriculum and assessments are framed accordingly.

For more information, please read our Multi-age Frequently Asked Questions.