GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Early Childhood Curriculum


"I am a READER!" "I am a WRITER!"

One of the most exciting moments for a young child is when they begin to see themselves as readers. Our teachers are committed to helping children reach this milestone by providing a nurturing foundation to create strong, confident, and passionate readers and writers. We fill classroom libraries with "just right" books for early readers, develop a deep understanding of students through small group work and 1:1 conferences, and celebrate student growth through share sessions and writer's celebrations. Our literacy framework encourages the development of children as active readers, writers, listeners, and speakers.

As students gain skills and confidence, we present opportunities for deeper engagement and learning across subject areas. We use the Reading and Writing Workshop model from Teachers College at Columbia University to ensure that our students are deeply engaged and building critical thinking skills in reading and writing.

Through our Early Childhood Literacy program, students:

  • Become lifelong readers and writers
  • Develop solid comprehension skills and strategies
  • Practice oral language and storytelling skills
  • Build phonemic awareness, letter/sound knowledge, and concepts about print
  • Read and write for a variety of purposes across genres
  • Integrate literacy to enrich play and learning across subject areas



Our early childhood math curriculum is designed to help learners move from basic conceptual understandings towards mastery of specific skills and then apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios and experiences.

We use enVisionMATH 2.0 as a framework which provides interactive experiences that make learning engaging and fun. Our coding curriculum is integrated into weekly math lessons as students learn the language of computer science and become creators in our digital world.

We recognize that children learn math at different paces and more effectively through different modalities as they grow. Our full-time math specialist coordinates with teachers to create learning paths that meet students where they are developmentally. While working with teachers in small groups, children gain numerical proficiency and confidence.

Our early childhood math program includes:

  • Numeracy skills, addition and subtraction up to three digits with a focus on base 10 concepts
  • Enabling recognition of basic shapes and their properties
  • Strengthening fluency in basic measurements
  • Use of hands-on materials, digital resources, and projects for instruction
  • Placement of students in "just right" skills-based groupings beginning in 1st grade
  • Continually monitoring progress through systematic formal and informal assessments



We believe a well-rounded education includes an essential understanding of citizenship, multicultural views, and the structures that govern our society. Our early childhood Social Studies program lays the groundwork with explorations in civics, economics, geography, and history. This interdisciplinary program helps students gain valuable insights into their local community, global issues, and ability to impact the world at large. An inquiry-based approach encourages students to ask questions, gather resources and information, share ideas, and take action. Our experiential learning format provides students with opportunities to engage in critical thinking and ponder multiple viewpoints.

Our Social Studies program includes the study of:

  • Cultures and cultural diversity
  • The past and its legacy
  • People, places and environments
  • Individual development and identity
  • Interactions among individuals, groups, and institutions
  • How people create interact with and change structures of power, authority, and governance
  • How people manage the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services