GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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At Germantown Academy, a purposefully structured academic life prepares students with vibrant intellects to enter the colleges and universities most suited to their interests and talents.

As a result, GA's rigorous curriculum broadens student experiences, both on campus and off. Highly participatory classes encourage students to become leaders by sharing their talents and interests and expertise with others. A student to teacher ratio of 8 to 1 provides myriad opportunities for meaningful learning via group discussion and student presentation. Diverse curricular offerings appeal to students who are naturally curious and imaginative, who ask questions, value both reason and aesthetics, and who understand that intellectual engagement provides a pathway for understanding themselves and others.

The curriculum offers multiple levels of challenge to support the academic readiness of all students and is assessed by its ability to convey content, develop skills, promote confidence, and engender good judgment. As a Prekindergarten through 12th Grade school, GA values an academic curriculum, connected and coordinated across the three divisions by scope, sequence, and sophistication of the offerings.

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The ED21 Group at Germantown Academy is responsible for research into new teaching strategies for the 21st century learner, school-wide program development, and faculty training. Design Thinking, blended and project-based learning, and Maker Space education are but a few of the initiatives supported by this group.

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Green Hands

The Nature Program at Germantown Academy is designed to help students know and appreciate the environment, to understand why it should be protected and to encourage teachers to explore the campus' abundant natural resources with their students.

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