GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Civility Pledge

The purpose of the "Civility Pledge" is to complement and extend the GA Mission. The "Pledge" reminds us of the kind of community GA is and endeavors to remain, while acknowledging the indisputable fact that the best instruction takes place in a school in which each participant is treated respectfully and courteously.

Renewed commitment to providing social-emotional security for our students and ourselves is the larger outcome sought. GA community members pledge to adhere to this code of civility in all interactions within the community when they sign their enrollment contracts each year. Administrators, teachers, coaches and staff members join GA families each year in signing the "Pledge" when they return their annual contracts, while members of the Board of Trustees sign it during each year's summer retreat.

Germantown Academy Civility Pledge

In living its Mission, GA pledges to be a community grounded in respect and committed to courtesy.

I agree to adhere to the standards embedded in the Civility Pledge and in the Mission Statement throughout my interactions in the GA community, including curricular, extra-curricular, and social environments by:

  1. Honoring GA's mission as an inclusive, diverse community.
  2. Treating all members of GA with respect and civility.
  3. Supporting an educational environment that encourages the development of positive learning attitudes and habits.
  4. Seeking understanding in the spirit of collaboration.
  5. Communicating compassionately and honorably.

Signs, like the one below, are posted around campus, including the athletics and arts venues, to increase non-community member awareness.