Preparation for College and Beyond


Germantown Academy prepares children not only for college, but for life. From the first day that a student walks through our doors, they are taught more than academics. They are also taught trust, respect, and kindness.

You can always recognize GA students. They look you in the eye and shake your hand when they meet you. They have self-confidence and treat others with respect. Throughout all divisions, GA students are taught the value in helping others.

Germantown Academy is more than a school--it prepares children for life."


Faculty at GA do, in fact, shake their student’s hands and listen to their points of views. They do this with children as young as PreK. Students regularly participate in service activities.  The activities may include volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, Alex’s Lemonade, Philabundance, and more. They also learn to help others in their own community. One of the most endearing programs at GA is Kids Teaching Kids. Upper School students teach science to young Lower School students, learning patience and how to be a mentor.

In addition to preparation for life, GA students are well-prepared for higher education. 100% of GA students go on to college or university. They take with them the strong foundation of how to be a learner, how to be a self-starter, how to be part of a team. These learned abilities are what makes GA graduates successful at whatever they choose to do for life.