Support GA

For more than 255 years the Germantown Academy community has thrived due to the commitment of its loyal members. Continued advancement requires constant support and growth in the contribution of resources.

Our entire community has responded over the years allowing GA to provide students with an exceptional learning environment. In order to continue the school’s proud legacy, we need  each member of the community to participate. Gifts to the school can be seen in action on campus every day, directly benefiting current students and ensuring future generations the GA experience.

The reliance upon philanthropic giving is a common bond shared by all independent schools as tuition fails to cover the entire true cost associated per student.  Raised funds are used to cover the difference and attend to priority projects.  The management of a strong Annual Fund, Major Giving and Planned Giving program is crucial to assuring our future.  Our committed leadership, from the Board of Trustees to our dedicated administration and faculty, has pledged to do their part and ensure the school’s bright future.     

We invite you to be a part of GA’s history. Each gift makes a difference. 

Thank you for all that you do for Germantown Academy.


Building on Tradition
Commemorative Flag Tile Project


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