Fulfilling The Promise

Click on the video below to see and hear from Jim Connor about these initiatives.

3 reasons

  • To fulfill the promise to provide our students with every opportunity to extend their learning and growth
  • To honor Jim Connor in his final year as Germantown Academy’s third-longest serving Head of School
  • To support Germantown Academy’s commitment to a school day that doesn’t end at 3pm

3 Projects

To position GA more successfully than ever to fulfill the promise we make to all our families: that every child will have the fullest opportunity to learn, grow, explore, and excel, during the entire school day, which no longer ends at 3pm.



As part of The Promise, Germantown Academy has strategically introduced and piloted new innovative and special programs designed to prepare students with the necessary skills and capacities for the 21st Century. GA needed to establish a home for these initiatives where students and faculty from all three divisions can generate exciting new ideas and bring them to life in three dimensions. The Beard Center offers:

  • K-12 Innovation Lab and Makerspace
  • Innovative teaching and learning initiatives
  • Project-based learning and prototyping solutions


fh expansion.jpg

In the winter, multiple MS and US teams vie for every available court, and as a result, practices are either compressed to 30 minutes or extended into the night. In late fall and early spring, the problem extends to outdoor teams and our physical education classes in need of sheltered space. The clear answer is to expand our core indoor facility, the Field House, with 14,000 additional square feet which will:

  • Provide two regulation-size basketball courts, four practice courts
  • Address over-crowding, and compressed or late practice sessions (GA does not have equal practice times as its competitors)
  • Added space for all school physical education classes


turf field.jpg

Offering every student the opportunity to participate on a team requires adequate field space. The incredible participation of our MS and US students in our athletics program has provided scheduling challenges, including sending our Middle School baseball teams off campus every day, and having our Middle School field hockey teams practice on the grass in the Quad. The new Turf Field will provide:

  • Multi-purpose artificial turf field on the same side of The Wissahickon Creek as our academic buildings
  • Home for Middle School baseball
  • Lower School physical education and play space

3 Divisions

The GA experience builds seamlessly from Lower, to Middle, to Upper School, involving students in age-appropriate ways, and building from year to year. These projects support all three divisions.

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Questions? Contact Audrey Schnur, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 267-405-7212 or audrey.schnur@germantownacademy.org.