Field Day!


February 12- 17 2017

For one week in February our entire school community is encouraged to show their love for GA with a gift to the Annual Fund. Contributions to the Annual Fund are a terrific way to support the school while acknowledging the people, moments and memories that make the GA experience so special.

Annual Fund support provides vital resources that go directly to the operating budget, which allow the school to equip students and faculty with necessary learning tools and an impactful educational experience. The generosity of our community has always been, and will remain, critical to continuing what you and our current Patriots love about GA.

Click Here to share with us why YOU love GA!

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…the teachers always encouraged my work and especially my writing. I was so well prepared for college that it was not new or intimidating to me. – Fred Stuart ‘61


of the incredible opportunities for our students! – Sheri Retif, Middle School Physical Education Teacher & Varsity Girls Basketball Coach


…I get to spend my days with thoughtful, compassionate, and curious third graders who make me smile each and every day! – Marnie McDonald, 3rd grade teacher


…I learn something new every single day! – Rich Schellhas, Head of School


…of its strong community and forever friends. – Kristen Buckler ‘00


…the sense of community is so rich that whether you are here for two weeks or forty years, GA is a part of you, and you it, forever. – Karin Fortwangler ’06


…it gave me friends for a lifetime. - Danika Gottbrecht ‘13


…it taught me the value of community service and the spirit of giving to those less fortunate. – Jennifer Angelo ‘89


…of our wonderful memories and friendships that have lasted through the years. – Michael Schurr ’80 & Susan Schurr ‘80


…of the loyal teachers, administrators, and staff who were committed to creating an environment conducive to the most effective learning for its hard working students. – Evan Gross ‘97


…it enriched my life in countless ways and gave me a foundation for lifelong learning. - Steve Christy ‘90

…of how well it prepared me for college and career – Quinn Cunningham ‘02


…it made me who I am today. – Margaret Whitman ‘00


…GA helped my daughter develop the self-confidence and the talent to pursue her dreams. – Christina Derbyshire ’97, P ‘16


…my education there extended well beyond the classroom and taught me respect, discipline, honesty and charity. – Greg Pitkoff ‘82


…of the supportive and inclusive environment for all students and teachers that pushes everyone to love learning and be their best in all different endeavors! – Diana Caramanico ‘97


…GA was the best foundation I received for further learning in my life. It was truly the gift of a lifetime from my parents and I never have taken it for granted. – Betsy Gabrielson ‘74


…I will always feel welcomed into the community. The teachers, students and staff are my second family. – McKensie Meyer ‘16


…I learned the value of a strong, well-rounded arts and sciences education that nurtured a love of creative and critical thinking. As a GA "lifer," I grew up on this magnificent campus and had opportunities that shaped my approach to being a student of life. I am grateful to many of my teachers who helped me hone my skills in written and verbal communication, something that I cherish to this day. –Rachel Wagman ‘89


…it gave me the greatest high school experience possible and prepared me for college and the world beyond more than I ever imagined. –Christine Weeks ‘16