Germantown Academy is a community for life. From the moment you step onto the GA campus it is apparent that there is something special going on here. 

Its unique standing comes from the relationships built between each of its constituents - faculty-student, parent-faculty, alumni-faculty - and the quality of care, both during and after their time at GA, that continues to grow many years after they graduate.  Students are able to speak to any faculty member about any subject and the student/teacher ratio of 8:1 encourages a tight bond between a student and their teacher. 

Starting in Pre-Kindergarten, our littlest students meet with Middle and Upper School students.  It's a relationship that benefits all ages;  older students are proud when they help younger students learn about planting, the effects of daylight on certain materials and develop a love of reading.  Pre-Kindergartners look up to the "big" friends for years and never forget them.

When you are a part of the Germantown Academy community you become a part of something bigger than yourself.  Parents form relationships with other parents at GA quickly.  You will be working side by side in your childrens' classrooms, cheering together at sporting events, or proudly applauding each others children at a school concert. 

When students graduate, their community grows even bigger and stronger as they join their fellow GA alumni.  Germantown Academy alumni are extremely tight knit and come together throughout the year for alumni events whether its an alumni lacrosse game, rallying at GA-PC Day, or helping others through community service across the United States on Alumni CSO Day. 


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