Board of Trustees

Germantown Academy’s Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing broad policy goals that align with the operation of the Academy and furthers its mission. The Board provides fiduciary oversight of the Academy, appoints and oversees the Head of School, and engages in and supports long-range strategic planning.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of no more than 38 members, and members are elected in accordance with the bylaws of the school. Trustees serve for a three-year term with a limit of three terms. There are four regular meetings of the board each year.

In addition, Trustees serve on standing Committees, to include: Committee on Trustees, Executive, Finance, Investment, Audit, Facilities, and Development and Communications. In any given year, task forces may be created to address other strategic issues. Executive, Audit and Committee on Trustees membership may only be comprised of Trustees. CLICK HERE for committee information.

The Board of Trustees of Germantown Academy is the governing body of the school.  The Executive Committee is chaired by the President of the Board.

Judi J. Goodman 1760
Bradley J. Korman '83
Janet Haugen
Susan Stratton McGinnis '78
Lori R. Griswold 1760
Brian R. DiDonato
Alison Korman Feldman '78
Annamarie Geppert Hellebusch '84
Michael H. Jordan


2016-17 Board of Trustees

Judi J. Goodman 1760, President
Rich Schellhas, Head of School

Tynetta Alston
Scott M. Badami
Judy Chang Cody
Brian DiDonato
Thomas E. Durkin '89
Alison Korman Feldman '78
Judy A. Felgoise
Lori R. Griswold 1760
Janet Haugen
Annamarie Geppert Hellebusch '84
Michael H. Jordan
Bradley J. Korman '83
John Korman '76
Susan Stratton McGinnis '78
Carl Rapp
Lori Reiner
Jeffrey T. Sultanik '72
Cathy Thompson '77
Andrew Towne
Nancy A. Wolfson
Kathy Wyszomierski 1760
Gina Zabinski

Charter Trustees

Berton E. Korman 1760

John W. Rex '63

Trustees Emeriti

Thayer R. Adams
John K. Binswanger '50
Francis J. Carey 1760
Christopher J. Davis 1760
Brian H. Dovey
Elizabeth P. Glendinning 1760
A. Scott Holmes '57
Thomas M. Hyndman Jr. '42
Henry M. Irwin '43
Janice MacVaugh Kopple 1760
Catherine C. Moulton 1760
Reade B. Nimick 1760
William B. Packer 1760
Richard W. Thatcher Jr. 1760
John M. Walton III 1760
William A. Whiteside Jr. '47
John K. Whittaker 1760
Clarence Z. Wurts