Transportation Services


UPDATED July 2016

How can my child(ren) take the school bus to GA?
Parents MUST fill out the Transportation area on the bottom of their enrollment contract each year. GA will collect the information and provide it to families' appropriate school district each spring.

The school districts listed below are the only ones that provide busing to GA at this time. There are several ways that you may receive your child's bus transportation information for the upcoming school year. Most school districts will mail bus pickup and dropoff information to your home in mid-August. Some will post the information on their district website. You could also receive an email from GA should the district communicate only in that manner. If no information is received by August 22, please contact your school district.  Please take a moment to review your specific school district information below.

How do I change my child's bus transportation or his/her stop?  What if we move during the school year?  Please email if you need to make changes during the school year and GA will help facilitate.

How does my child get a SEPTA pass or train passes (if we live in Philadelphia)? Parents/students must sign up with Philadelphia School District first. After that has been done, SEPTA passes for children who live in the Philadelphia School District can be obtained at front desk of the Korman Family Pavilion. There is a cost for SEPTA train passes. PLEASE NOTE - Only students in grades 7 through 12 may use this form of transportation.

What if my child(ren) live in two different school districts during the week/month? It is important that parents who have children who split their time between households send that information to Germantown Academy at

Additional Notes:

  • School districts are not allowed to transport children across districts for playdates.
  • Blue Notes must be used in the Lower School any time your child(ren) has a change in their normal transportation schedule.
  • All behavioral issues that may happen while a child is riding the school bus will be reported to their Division Office and will be dealt with by the Division Head.

Questions? All school bus related questions should be directed to your school district transportation department.

Concerns? Contact your Division Office.


School District




No PreK
No PreK
Central Bucks
Turn 5 by 9/15
CLICK HERE   215-886-9500
Turn 5 by 9/1
No PreK
Hatboro-Horsham CLICK HERE   215-420-5451
Turn 5 by 9/1
CLICK HERE   610-853-5929
Lower Merion
CLICK HERE   610-645-1940
Lower Moreland
CLICK HERE   215-947-9711
Must be 5
CLICK HERE   610-489-5000
Must be 5
CLICK HERE   610-630-5051
No PreK
North Penn
CLICK HERE   215-853-1120
No PreK
Perkiomen Valley
CLICK HERE   610-489-8506
Must be 5
CLICK HERE   215-400-4350
1st-8th grades
Philadelphia  CLICK HERE   215-400-5336
ext. 5326
7-12th grades
CLICK HERE   215-233-6095
Turn 5 by 9/1
Upper Dublin
CLICK HERE   215-646-7778
Turn 5 by 10/31
Upper Merion
CLICK HERE   610-205-6484
Upper Moreland
CLICK HERE   215-830-1525
CLICK HERE   215-619-8114
Turn 5 by 9/1