Private Music Lessons


Germantown Academy invites master teachers to conduct private music lessons on campus for all students who wish to study an instrument. One-on-one lessons take place before, during, and after school at mutually convenient times that do not impact academic instruction. Contact Hannah Doucette with questions about music lessons.

Interested in beginning an instrument?
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Offerings and Instructors

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Instrument  Grades Offered  Instructor 
Piano  1st – 12th  Anne M. Flood
Joann Kirchner 
Violin  1st – 12th  Hannah Doucette
Gina Rico
Viola  3rd – 12th   Hannah Doucette
Gina Rico 
Cello  1st – 2nd
3rd – 12th
Krysta Fogel
Joanne Bates
Double Bass  4th – 12th  Joanne Bates 
Flute  4th – 12th  Nancy Metroka 
Oboe  4th – 12th  Beth Benson 
Clarinet  4th – 12th   Thomas Razler 
Saxophone  4th – 12th Thomas Razler 
Trumpet  4th – 12th   Richard Wilhelm
French Horn  4th – 12th Richard Wilhelm 
Trombone 4th – 12th   Barry McCommon
Baritone Horn 4th – 12th   Barry McCommon 
Tuba  4th – 12th   Barry McCommon
Percussion  4th – 12th   Matthew Kallend 
Voice  6th – 12th  TBA


  • The cost for 30 half-hour lessons is $950. Lessons run throughout the entire school year. 
  • Fees can be paid in full or in monthly installments.  
  • Purchase or rental of instruments, repair, supplies, and music is determined by each teacher, and are the financial responsibility of the student/parent. 
  • New students should not purchase nor rent an instrument until they have had contact with the private teacher.  


Registration and payment takes place on the ACTIVE network. A credit card is required and will be charged automatically according to your chosen fee schedule.

Summer Lessons
If a music teacher is offering lessons during Summer 2017, they will inform their students in early April and provide the registration link. 

Fall 2017 Registration
Current music students who are continuing with the same teacher and instrument may register for the 2017-18 school year starting in late June. You will receive an email through the ACTIVE network with the registration link.

New Music Students
Please complete the Private Lesson Interest Form, and a teacher will contact you to confirm lesson availability.

Absence and Cancellation Policy

Music teachers are required to make up one student excused absence (illness or family emergency) per semester, and any teacher absences that may occur throughout the year.

A student must give one week's notice of any absence to the instructor, or it will be considered unexcused, except in the case of emergency. In the event of illness, the instructor must be notified by 7am on the day of the lesson.  

Refund Policy 

If a student does not wish to continue private lessons, notice of withdrawal must be provided within the first two weeks of lessons. A refund will be provided minus any fees for lessons completed.  

By completing registration and payment on the ACTIVE system, you are agreeing to the policies as laid out here.