Sandy Frazier


Sandy Frazier retouch.jpg

Tenure: 23 Years

Positions Held:
  • MS Art Teacher, 1990 – 2013
  • Arts Center Assistant, 1990 – 1999
  • US English Teacher, 1991 & 1995-96
  • US Visual Arts Teacher, 1992-93
  • 8th Grade Issues and Coordinator, 1998 – 2010
  • Art Quest Director and Teacher for Summer Programs, 2000 – 2010
  • 6th Grade Coordinator, 2000 – 2007 & 2009-10
  • Class of 2014 Head Advisor – 2007 – 2010

Awards Won:

  • Selected as a student at the prestigious Haystack Mountain School of Art and Craft, located in Deer Isle, Maine.
  • Distinguished Achievement Award Recipient, 1998   

Why Sandy Stayed:

“GA has been a wonderful supporter of the arts during my years here.  The administration is trusting of the teachers and do not direct curriculum; they trust their teachers to know their field. The total financial support of the administration to explore mediums other than the traditional has served to greatly enhance GA’s art program. To have that kind of freedom is a great atmosphere in which to build programs.”

“I have enjoyed my time with the students and my colleagues so much.”

“To be a teacher here and a practicing artist has been a delight.”

Lasting Memory:

“Receiving a Kast Grant in 1999 to travel in China was invaluable.  I visited my family in Shanghai and toured the Yangtzee River.  I had visited before in 1980.  To see the contrast in the people and the culture during that two decade interval was amazing.”

Gifts to the Community:

  • Sandy has pioneered at GA the study of several new areas of art.  Her latest is the art of fiber felting (which she learned by using the materials from her own alpaca herd), and which the students love doing.     
  • Sandy, along with Middle School Art Department Chair Romy Burkus and others, worked with the architects to design the new art studios and spaces in the Middle School.  “To assist in designing these spaces was fun,” Sandy said. “The tradespeople truly listened to what we needed and were helpful in suggesting several added touches that made a real difference in the teaching and display areas.  As a result, the new art space is wonderful!”
  • Sandy stepped in to serve as Director of the Arts Center as needed during the years when GA was working to develop a regional arts program that included extensive rentals of the theater.  In fact, Sandy was a “Jill of all trades” when it came to Arts Center support.

What Jim Connor Remembers Most about Sandy:

“I recall being first introduced to Sandy at a cocktail party, probably at Corky Connor’s house or the Gonzalez’s, and learning that she was joining GA as an assistant to newly hired Arts Center Director Hal Passoth.  I was impressed by Sandy’s professional dress and demeanor.  Little did I know that she was an accomplished artist in her own right and would go on to serve GA so well for so long as an administrator and a teacher.”

Memorable Quote:

“Jack Pickering, former Assistant Head of School, told me when I was investigating graduate programs to always to 'be a student of what I want to teach.’ I wanted to continue to be a practicing artist, but at the same time I also wanted to teach English.  He told me to ‘go for it.’  I did, earning a degree in Liberal Studies at Villanova University, with high honors, and have become a better teacher as a result.”

Next Adventure:

“I will continue to grow my alpaca farm, and expand my body of works in fiber arts (Sandy has a fiber arts show in the GA Art Gallery that will run through March 15, with a closing reception from 3-5pm on Sunday, March 10.”


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