Girls Swimming

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Practices are held every afternoon Monday through Friday from 3-6pm. Every practice will incorporate both swimming and dryland training. We ask all athletes to please bring appropriate clothing and shoes for dryland activities to every practice. The coaches will split the team into three different training groups. Distance swimmers will swim from 3-5:15pm and then do dryland till 6pm. Middle Distance and Sprint group will do dryland at 3pm and swim from 4-6pm. Everyone is asked to report on deck at 3pm so that dryland can be done together. Saturday morning practices will be held every week beginning at 7:30am. There is an optional 6am practice Monday-Friday; swimmers who swim once a day are welcome to train in the mornings instead of the afternoons.

Katie Aemisegger  Senior
Laura Brown  Senior
Addie Campbell  Freshman
Karlee Carminati  Junior
Katherine Commale  Freshman
Jackie DeRusso  Sophomore
Sook-Hee Evans  Junior
Riley Gobora  Sophomore
Lauren Henasey*  Senior
Elodie Leyens  Sophomore
Ingrid Lillis*  Senior
Julia McKernan  Sophomore
Erin Merke  Freshman
McKensie Meyer*
Maddie Nitroy  Senior
Caroline Osman  Sophomore
Brianna Owen  Senior
Amanda Parker  Junior
Lauren Rajauski  Senior
Alaina Schumann  Junior
Ashley Stauber  Senior
Nina Tang  Senior
Emily Thompson  Freshman

Head Coach: Jeff Thompson

Captai ns: Lauren Henasey '16, Ingrid Lillis '16, and McKensie Moyer '16

Managers: Samantha Godick '16, Claire Levin '16, and Julia Ostrovsky '19