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Hall of Fame

Welcome to GA Athletic Hall of Fame! Created in 1995, the Germantown Academy Athletic Hall of Fame has seen more than 100 alumni student-athletes, coaches and special friends inducted into its historical annals. (See Athletic Hall of Fame Directory)

Germantown Academy considers nominations every other year. The next review of submitted nominations will take place in late May, 2018, after which the Class of 2018 Inductees will be announced for formal induction on GA-PC Weekend 2018.

Inductees are decided by the Hall of Fame Committee using the following criteria:

  • It shall be open to persons who made an outstanding contribution to GA as a superior competitor in GA athletics, or a teacher or coach who compiled a distinguished record, or an administrator who made a long-term, exemplary contribution to the athletic program.
  • Additional consideration will be given for continued contributions to society through community activities, through performance in chosen fields of endeavor and through avocations which bring credit and distinction to GA.
  • Membership is not limited to living members of the GA community. Deceased members of the GA community whose past records reveal that they are eligible may be considered.
  • In order that proper assessment may be made of the nominee, a time period of seven years must have elapsed since the completion of their GA experience. Exceptions to this seven year rule must receive a three-fourths vote by the Hall of Fame Committee.
  • In the first thirteen years of selection, no more than 10 persons were inducted annually. Beginning in 2008, no more than 10 individual members, and no more than two teams, will be inducted every two years.
William Armstrong, Jr. '681995
Ryan Ayers '052014
J. Francis (Reds) Bagnell '471996
Janice Leadbetter Bennett '902001
Phyllis Morrison Biddle 17601995
Alicia Aemisegger Biggs '062016
Gabrielle Bodle '872014
Daniel Brooks '752006
James R. Buckey 17601997
William Buehler '442002
Suzy Buckovich '872005
Brian Burke '982005
Zachary Burwell '891998
Diana Caramanico '972004
Jessica Chadwin '032014
Richard Crawford '562006
Fran Crippen '022010
Madeleine Crippen '982005
Jeff Curtin '022010
Bernie Dallas '611996
Allison Daly '891999
Charles Devlin '602010
Anthony Donatelli '022010
Rodney Duncan '762002
Tracey Vause-Earland '772010
Otis Ellis '851996
William J. Feidler, Jr. '561995
Jeanne Harrington Felter '912007
James Fenerty 17602012
Nancy Ferguson '701995
Nicole Finelli '042014
Jim Frazer '552001
Alex Frazier 17601998
Wendy Gotschall '932000
Patrick Gray '912004
Sean Grieve '042012
Alex Haynie '042012
Theodore Haynie 17602004
Cathy Hebling '942001
Chris Henrich '072016
Alex Henry '862008
Steve Hill2016
Virginia Hofmann 17602008
Alex Holcombe '072014
Edward Holmes '972006

Patricia A. Huntington '801997
Duncan Hubley '571999
Paul A. Hutter '701995
William Hyndman V '882004
John A. Ioia 1996
R. Gardner Kahoe '681996
Denis Kane '932008
Peter Keblish '862001
Thomas Kehan '691997
Karen Ann Kelso '811997
Judy Krouse 17602016
Christopher Krug '982006
Laura Kurz '042012
Marie Labosky '002008
Theodore O. Langdon '461997
Richard Lassen '532005
Robert Lassen '532005
David A. Lawson '702002
Lawrence Leith '942003
Eugene Leoni '782008
Timothy Lewis '722001
Frank Marolla '732003
Colleen Magarity '072014
Rachel Magerman '092016
Sarah Martinez '932002
Joe Matteo '042016
Mary McCracken '752014
Caitlin McKinney '042012
John D. McMaster '371995
Peter McVeigh 17602016
Lee Melchioni '022012
Eric Minkin '681999
David Montgomery2016
Joe "Jimmy" Morrison '742016
Robert B. Murray '591997
Marc Nori '921999
Matthew Oelkers '882010
Wilson Oelkers 17602003
Erin O'Neill '932003
Erin Osbourn '012008
Salvatore Paone '952007
Rolf Piranian '702010
Gretchen Platt '892003
Jeffrey Prior '851996
Katrina Radke '891996

Kyle Rankin '851996
James J. Reilly III '791995
Sherri Retif2016
Amy B. Reydel '871997
Joanna Rhoads '032010
Michael Richter '851996
Daniel Roberts '722000
Bartholomew C. Schneider '791997
Christie Shaner '032010
Julie Shaner '972004
Richard W. Shoulberg 17601995
Ted Skuchas '022014
Michael Slattery '012008
Robert Soley '681998
Mark Steffens '881999
Allan Stitzer '652008
Caroline Stanislawski '022012
Tyler Stampone '052016
William E. Straub '691997
Jessica Taylor '022010
Robert Theiss '592002
Frank Temme '572007
William T. Tilden III 19101996
Tom Tracey '932012
James G. Turner '831997
John J. Turner '561995
Michael Turner '911998
Kenneth Twiford '582000
Nathan Wachter '992007
Marvin Walters '862006
Matt Walsh '022012
Jack Warner '392007
Rick Welsh '942012
David L. Wharton '871995
Jennifer Winter-Zeitz '881998
Craig White '882010
Christopher "Gump" Whiteside '802008
Alvin Williams '932000
Eric Williams '852003
Jennifer Kurth Williamson '952006
Kelly Winning '022014