Class of 1760


GA's Alumni Society Board President Cathy Thompson '77 announced the three newest members of the Class of 1760 at the 2016 commencement ceremony.  Ms. Thompson was pleased to welcome Heather Durkin, Bruce Goodman, Deborah Mersky and Phil Rittenhouse to the school's honorary alumni class on behalf of the entire Alumni Society.  

Congratulations to this year's inductees!


The Class of 1760, a small, select organization, was created to recognize non-alumni for their outstanding contributions to the Academy. This honorary class commemorates the founding of the Academy.

Each year, the Alumni Society Board considers nominations for election into the Class of 1760, Germantown Academy's honorary alumni class. Please take a moment to nominate a parent, past parent, grandparent, faculty/staff or friend in our community who should be considered for this special honor.

Candidates with appropriate qualifications are selected from three groups:

Faculty and staff:  Those individuals who work consistently and effectively in improving the quality of life at the Academy whether by inspiring students to develop intellectual curiosity and to become leaders, or by contributing, often behind the scenes, to the internal functioning of the Academy.

Parents:  Those individuals who give of themselves to help make Germantown Academy a better institution.  Frequently conviction and tenacity are the characteristics that underlie the effectiveness of the parents selected. 

Friends:  Those individuals whose efforts greatly influence the direction, policies, and growth of the Academy.  Often the recognition of accomplishment is visible only after a long period of time due to the unglamorous nature of the contributions. 

Members of the Class of 1760 

Nominees are not to be judged by the number of letters of recommendation, but by their merit and outstanding service to the Academy. The recommendations must be submitted in writing, either on the Nomination Form or in a letter.  If writing a letter, please state, in a paragraph or two, the reasons for the nomination.

Nomination Form

Nominations can be submitted online or by printing and mailing the form.  All nominations should be submitted NO LATER THAN May 4, 2017.  If mailing a form or letter, send to GA Alumni Office, P.O. Box 287, Fort Washington, PA 19034. 
Please direct any questions to Heather at 267.405.7374 or e-mail

Nominations FOR 2018

The Alumni Society Board has completed its review of nominations for the 2017 Class of 1760 honorees. Nominations submitted after 5/5/2017 will be reviewed in Spring, 2018.

Click Here for the Nomination Form.