Alumni Society Board

2016-2017 Alumni Society Board Members

Cathy Thompson '77, President

  • George Bihn '63
  • Jennifer Rotzell Bucci '97
  • Kristen Lueckel Buckler '00, Vice-President
  • Glenda Daulerio 1760
  • Emily Hyman '10
  • Annie Marshall '08 (Academy Club Co-President)
  • Lauren Gillispie McCusker '04 (Academy Club Co-President)
  • Joe Mirabile '06
  • Dwight Peterson 1760
  • Al Piranian '65
  • Scott Sinker '90
  • Ellen Stern Sternberg '81
  • Fred Stuart '61
  • Will Weihenmayer '03

The GA Alumni Society was founded in January, 1886, and is the association representing alumni of the Academy.  Anyone who has attended GA for one full academic year in Grade 5 or beyond and whose class has graduated from the school is considered a regular member of the Alumni Society.

The Alumni Society Board (ASB), made up of 15 members, is the governing body of the association operating with the following purposes:

  • promoting the interests of Germantown Academy by creating programs that bring alumni back to the GA campus,
  • developing activities outside of GA that bring alumni together,
  • increasing alumni participation in annual giving, and
  • communicating to current students the importance of being an alum. 

The ASB leads or supports, and participates in, a variety of school activities, including:

  • Alumni Annual Giving Participation
  • Alumni Parent Bash
  • GA/PC Day
  • Class of 1760 Annual Reunion
  • Regional Alumni Gatherings
  • Alumni Community Service events
  • Selection of Class of 1760 members
  • GA Running Club

The Alumni Society Board meetings occur on campus eight times per year. 

If you’d like to volunteer some of your time to helping with alumni activities, please contact Heather Durkin at 267.405.7374.