The GA Experience

As a family that has two children that did not attend GA and that has two children that do attend GA, we have a unique perspective to the question 'Why GA?'

When deciding to send our third child to GA for high school, we were looking for an environment that encouraged independent thought, engagement with faculty and fellow students, an academic environment that was intimate so that participation was mandatory, a focus on communication skills both oral and written and a community that fosters continued growth as a human being.

We have found that GA has fulfilled all of our expectations and more! After watching our third child completely thrive at GA, our fourth child followed. The GA community has not only been wonderful for our daughters, but for us as well!"

Linda and Greg Axenroth P’16, P’19




We chose GA because the School offered our son, a PreK student, a wide array of experiences including design thinking, foreign languages and 257 years of tradition. We stayed at GA because the School community has welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like we are a part of this family.

Laina and Jed Silversmith P’29
Chestnut Hill

My husband and I chose to send our children to Germantown Academy for so many reasons. GA is an innovative school with a diverse student population. Teachers at GA have advanced degrees, take student achievement seriously, work collaboratively to ensure student advancement, and conduct themselves in a professional manner to help students compete in a constantly changing society. It's a school that welcomes independence and individuality, but ensures that the student body works together for the greater good of the community. GA is a place where students can feel comfortable to take risks and engage in new activities. Students are encouraged to be creative and express themselves in academics, the arts, and sports. Our only regret was not sending our children to GA years ago, but it's an honor to be a part of the community now!

Susan and Jeff Legos P’22 P’26