Germantown Academy's Mission

  • Independent in Thought
  • Confident in Expression
  • Compassionate in Spirit
  • Collaborative in Action
  • Honorable in Deed

See how our students put the mission in action!

Independent In Thought

A leadership mindset begins with each student having the independence of thought necessary to seek and find the truth in all that he or she reads, sees and hears. We educate GA students to be curious, to ask questions, to listen to and evaluate the viewpoints of others. Our faculty and staff are the guides and coaches for these explorations of ideas, theories, and processes.

Confident in Expression

Independent thinkers become self-confident individuals. We, as teachers and staff members, hear expressed time and time again by prospective parents how confidently GA students comport themselves. Instilling confidence is also a goal of our writing, speaking, and performing curricula. Alumni visits around the country remind me that the core of confidence built during GA years holds firm throughout adulthood.

Compassionate In Spirit

Effective leadership also involves the ability to care about others, to realize that everyone we meet can teach us something valuable and can learn something of value from us. True compassion is a “suffering with” that enables independent-minded, confident people to recognize that vulnerability is the connecting spirit within us all.

Collaborative In Action

Collaborative action is needed to move forward a community, a team, a Belfry production, a choir performance, or a class project, once individual ideas are aired. Active “followership” is part of a meaningful education. Well educated people have learned when and how to dedicate themselves to the support of the whole.

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Honorable In Deed

The Mission Statement recognizes that absent personal honor, curious, confident, compassionate people will not engender the trust needed to be effective leaders or followers. GA teaches students to hold themselves to the highest of personal standards. To do so successfully, we, as teachers, must be role models of trust-worthy behavior. We want the simple act of entering the school each day to make each of us a better person.

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