Welcome to Lower School

Germantown Academy was founded in 1759 as a school aimed at meeting students where they are, blending traditional and innovative practices to teach German and English students in their native languages. Today, in the Lower School, we continue to build on this foundation, meeting students and families where they are by upholding important traditions while embracing innovative approaches to prepare students not only for the next academic challenge, but also for life.

We’ve added depth to the definition of a rigorous college preparatory educational experience, aligning it with both the GA Mission and 21st century competencies. Our aim is to engage students in our curriculum and community in a way that cultivates a growth mindset – to be curious, willing to take risks, succeed at times, miss at times, and move toward mastery through a process that fosters critical thinking and reflection.

We have an unbelievably talented, creative, grounded, and committed faculty. They have created amazing programs and opportunities for our students that are engaging, flexible, responsive, and rigorous. We have supportive families, and creative, energetic students.

We believe that embracing the “how” and not just the “what” of learning will strengthen the level of engagement and satisfaction for…

  • our students who will dive more deeply into learning,
  • our faculty who will continue to develop programs aimed at engagement and excellence,
  • and our families who will trust that we are providing a healthy challenge for their children each day.
As we create the foundation for lifelong learning, our work in the Lower School is aimed at helping curious students grow into thoughtful, caring, and engaged citizens in our world.

Sue Szczepkowski
Head of Lower School