2nd Grade

"Love to Learn and learn to love"

The 2nd Grade curriculum is based on the premise that children in Lower School grow and develop according to their own developmental timetables.  This is accomplished within an age appropriately designed curriculum.  

This program allows for students to learn through a variety of methods using manipulation, exploration and discovery with concrete materials, before moving on to a higher level of abstract thinking. The emphasis is on satisfaction in learning which encourages a love of school.The academic units are thematic, interdisciplinary studies that encourage students to make connections from one subject area to another and from one theme to another. The three major themes include insects, dinosaurs, and Native Americans. Homework to reinforce skills and to stretch one’s thinking and insights is introduced.

Students have the opportunity to engage in real work that engages the whole child - their mind, body, senses and spirit.  This is an important year that they experience reaching out to their classmates and enjoying sharing their ideas and opinions and also understanding those of their classmates.

Germantown Academy provides a supportive environment that inspires children to rise to their potential and promotes positive self-images. The students are expected to respect one another, to work out differences in a peaceful manner, and to contribute to their community through a variety of service projects.

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