At Germantown Academy, academic life is structured to prepare students with vibrant intellects to enter the colleges and universities most suited to their interests and talents.


Our curriculum, as a result, is rigorous, designed to broaden student experiences, both on campus and off, be highly participatory in nature, and encourage students to excel to the level of becoming leaders by sharing their talents and interests and expertise with others. Academic life is conducted within a student to teacher ratio of 8 to 1, fostering learning via group discussion and student presentation. Curricular offerings are many and diverse, and seek to appeal to students who are naturally curious and imaginative, are willing to ask questions, who value both reason and aesthetics, and who understand that intellectual engagement is a pathway to understanding themselves and others.

The curriculum offers multiple levels of challenge to support the academic readiness of students and is assessed by its ability to instill content, promote confidence, and engender good judgment. As a PreKindergarten through 12th Grade school, academic curriculum is connected and coordinated across the three divisions by scope and sequence and sophistication of the offerings.