Standardized Test Recommendations


  • All sophomores and juniors are automatically registered to take the PSAT in October of each year.
  • Sophomores and juniors will receive results at some point in December (mailed to home).

General Advice about Registering for Standardized Tests

  • Always register for standardized tests well before the deadline so you do not have to pay additional fees and so you secure your first choice test center!
  • Make sure you send your scores to GA; our school code is 393321.
  • Colleges require scores directly from the testing agency. GA does not place test scores on transcripts.
  • The new “score choice” policy adopted by College Board allows you to choose what scores you send as long as you adhere to the guidelines of the colleges to which you are applying (when you are completing the process of sending scores through , each college’s policy will appear on a drop-down menu). Juniors should NOT send scores to colleges.
  • Whatever you do, do NOT create multiple accounts on either the College Board or ACT websites because you cannot remember your username and password. If you cannot access your account, visit College Guidance and we will help you!


  • GA recommends that students take the SAT for the first time in January, March, or May, at the very latest, of their junior year. Students will receive their junior PSAT results in December and can then assess areas of weakness to focus on prior to taking the SAT after the New Year.


  • Almost all colleges accept ACT scores in lieu of the SAT. Some even accept ACT scores in lieu of the SAT and Subject Tests.
  • Why take the ACT? Students often take the ACT if they are dissatisfied with either their PSAT or SAT scores or if they peruse the ACT booklet and consider it a more user friendly exam than the SAT. No students have to take the ACT; it is purely a choice. Some students perform better on the SAT, some better on the ACT and some exactly the same. The only way to know how you will do is to give it a try.
  • When to take the ACT? If you are considering taking the ACT, GA recommends that you take it for the first time in February or April of your junior year.

SAT and Subject Test Dates for 2015-2016

Register at

Test Dates Test Regular Deadline
Late Deadline (fee)
Oct. 3, 2015 SAT & Subject Tests Sept. 3, 2015 Sept. 22, 2015
Nov. 7, 2015
SAT & Subject Tests Oct. 9, 2015
Oct. 27, 2015
Dec. 5, 2015 SAT & Subject Tests Nov. 5, 2015 Nov. 23, 2015
Jan. 23, 2016
SAT & Subject Tests Dec. 28, 2015 Jan. 12, 2016
Mar. 5, 2016
SAT ONLY  Feb. 5, 2015
Feb 23, 2016
 May 7, 2016
SAT & Subject Tests  April 8, 2016
 April 26, 2016
 June 4, 2016
SAT & Subject Tests  May 5, 2016
 May 25, 2016

The ACT Test Dates for 2015-2016

Register at

Regular Deadline
late deadline (fee)
Sept. 12, 2015
August 7, 2015
August 21, 2015
Oct. 24, 2015
Sept. 19, 2015
Oct.3, 2015
Dec. 12, 2015
Nov. 6, 2015
Nov. 20, 2015
 Feb. 6, 2016
 Jan. 8, 2016
 Jan. 16, 2016
 April 9, 2016
 March 4, 2016
 March 18, 2016
 June 11, 2016
 May 6, 2016
 May 20, 2016

SAT Subject Tests

Some colleges (generally the more selective ones) require SAT Subject tests in addition to the SAT or ACT. All SAT Subject Tests are one-hour, multiple-choice tests; one to three Subject Tests may be taken on the same date. GA recommends taking Subject Tests in June immediately upon completion of a course in the subject matter being tested. Always consult your teacher if you have any questions about your level of preparedness. Among the Subject Tests offered (underlined below) the following list identifies those for which GA students should consider depending on their course selection:

Literature – Juniors should consult teacher for his/her recommendation
U.S. History - Consult teacher for his/her recommendation
World History – Consult teacher for his/her recommendation
Mathematics Level 1 – Students finishing Algebra II should be prepared for this exam
Mathematics Level 2 - Students finishing Algebra 2/Trig Honors, Precalculus, Algebra 3/Trig, and any higher level math course should be prepared for this exam
Biology E/M – Biology I Honors prepares for the Molecular version of this exam; Biology I SAT II students
may also elect to take this exam (consult teacher for his/her recommendation)

Chemistry – Chemistry I Honors prepares for this exam; Chemistry I SATII students may also elect to take this exam (consult teacher of his/her recommendation)

Physics – Physics I Honors prepares for this exam

French – French 4 Honors prepares for this exam*

French with Listening (only offered in November)
Spanish – Spanish 4 Honors prepares for this exam*
Spanish with Listening (only offered in November)
Latin (Latin 4 Honors prepares for this exam if the student has requested this preparation in advance from teacher)

*Students in Honors French 3 and Honors Spanish 3 should consult their teacher for his/her recommendation

  • The SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M contains a common core of 60 general-knowledge multiple-choice questions, followed by 20 multiple-choice questions that emphasize either ecological (Biology E) or molecular (Biology M) subject matter. Before testing begins, you must choose which test you will take, either the ecological or molecular. Students are not allowed to take both tests in one sitting. If you do, your scores may be canceled.
  • The SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics (Level 1 and Level 2) have some questions that require the use of at least a scientific or graphing calculator. Mathematics Subject Tests are developed with the expectation that most students will use a graphing calculator.
  • The SAT Subject Tests in Languages with Listening (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish) consist of a listening section and a reading section. Students taking these tests are required to bring an acceptable CD player with earphones to the test center.

National Test Prep Companies

Revolution Prep-

Kaplan Test Prep-

Princeton Review -

Huntington Learning Center -

Sylvan Learning Center-


These individuals are not endorsed by GA; however, they have been identified by community members who have worked with them or know them.  GA provides this list as a service to you!

Mary Lou McBride 610-449-6311
Paul Brown       215-643-4686
Pippa Vanderstar    215-885-0411
Peter Berthold 610-324-7229
Matt Joseph 610-525-2840     

Dr. Sheldon Goldberg 215-542-6926
Bernadette Leonard 215-284-6117
Pearson Snyder Schoolwork 267-335-3505
Jon Kelsey 484-343-5150


  • Preparation booklets and registration information for the SAT, Subject Tests and the ACT are available in College Counseling or on the websites identified above.
  • Not a great standardized test taker? Numerous colleges offer some sort of standardized testing optional policy. You can find a list on . Many recommend or require students to submit a graded paper in lieu of standardized tests, so save papers that are returned to you!
  • Free preparation for all of these standardized tests as well as AP exams is available on Peterson’s StudentEdge. You can access this website from the GA’s College Counseling website. When you log on to simply click on new user and enter the Access Code of KQYFAZWD.