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Welcome to GA’s College Counseling program! While the navigational bars on the right provide specific information about dimensions of GA’s College Counseling program, CLICK HERE for the College Counseling Handbook for Parents, 2015-2016 for a comprehensive overview or the college search and application process at GA.

Navigating today’s college process requires careful planning and preparation.  Germantown Academy’s team of college counselors educates students and parents about the world of college admissions, so they can make informed choices that result in matriculation to a college or university where the student can continue to grow intellectually and emotionally.

GA facilitates the process of finding appropriate college matches by:

  • Offering a series of parent meetings corresponding with the student’s progression through each grade level in high school.
  • Assigning college counselors to students in the sophomore year.
  • Beginning to meet with students individually in the sophomore year and continuing through graduation.
  • Exploring summer programs and other enrichment opportunities.
  • Teaching a College Seminar to educate all juniors about the college search and application processes.
  • Requiring each Junior student to write the common application college essay in Junior Composition and Speech
  • Exposing students to the rich post-secondary offerings in the United States and abroad.
  • Meeting with the family in the junior year.
  • Helping students craft college lists with a range of colleges, from those to which we are confident they can gain admission to those that we perceive as “reaches.”
  • Providing information about financial aid and scholarships.
  • Critiquing college essays and reviewing applications to help students present their best selves.
  • Advising students on early decision, athletic recruitment, portfolio and DVD preparation, interviews, and many other issues that arise in the process.
  • Weighing various college acceptances to identify the best match.

The focus of this process is on educating the student, making the college process a journey of self-exploration that results in greater self-knowledge and awareness of the most appropriate educational milieu.  In the course of this journey, both students and parents experience a range of emotions.  After all, when the student embarks on his or her college career, these relationships will change, altering the family dance.  GA’s College Counseling team stands ready to help with all dimensions of this process, from the mundane to the life-altering.

Karen A. Mason
Director of College Counseling

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