GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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  1. Crop main map image to: 1920 Wide x 1045 High
  2. Provide us with the main image
  3. Provide us with an additional image that includes the points on the map as well

Create a Slideshow for each location on the map

  1. Goto Media Manager
  2. Go to Campus Map V2 Channel - Campus Map Images folder
  3. Create a slideshow for Each location on the map
  4. Add an image (Size = 350 x 270)
  5. Click the pencil icon to open the image properties
  6. Add a title to the Photo Title
  7. You may also add a short photo description

Create Points for each location on the Map

Option 1:

Contact Support

Option 2:
If you are comfortable using Composer you can follow these steps to add additional points to your map

  1. Turn off Compose Mode (The compose button at the button of the browser should be grey, not blue)
  2. Refresh the page to ensure proper positioning
  3. Click on the map exactly where you want the location point to be.
  4. Click copy on the pop up.
  5. Turn Compose Mode on.
  6. Click Edit Content in the one of the locations boxes that you want your new point to be categorized under.
  7. Click on HTML mode ( the button)
  8. Paste anywhere between the 'ul' and '/ul' tags
    1. The order of the list determines the numbers associated on the map
    2. Replace 'ENTER TITLE HERE' with name of the location. BE SURE NOT TO DELETE ANYTHING ELSE
  9. Click on HTML mode again to return to text
  10. Click on the link to edit the anchor.
  11. Select the media tab
  12. Browse for the associated slideshow
  13. Click save
  14. Click save on the locations Content Element
  15. Repeat all steps for each point to be added
  16. Click Publish